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Deer Du Bois Playlist #119

Deer Du Bois Playlist indie pop indietronica chill 119

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, from now until death do us part, we publish the picky playlists of our Brussels’ friend and collaborator Deer Du Bois. He has been demonstrating a real talent in highlighting emerging and talented acts and imposes himself as a real talent-spotter. Every week, his playlist is a sharp and buzzing selection of new discoveries in indie and pop music. And lucky you: we are now your fresh and fun place to weekly seat and savor his delightful “indie.tronic.dream.pop.chill.wave” cocktail. So, do you mind a cup?

MISSIO – Hey You, Remember My Name

MISSIO I Don't Even Care About You EP Hey Remember

MISSIO, the band from Austin, Texas is hard to pin down. Listening to their music, it soon becomes apparent that this is a band completely unconcerned with traditional genre trappings. They approach their brand of electronic-based alternative music in a way that avoids some of the still-developing cliches of the indie pop genre. Compared to ostensibly similar bands, MISSIO‘s hooks are a little less obvious–and their compositions a little more complex. Discover the amazing “Hey You, Remember My Name” in this post!