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Nuit Oceān Stranger

Nuit Oceān’s ‘Stranger’ is all about dreams

Bordeaux-based producer and singer-songwriter Nuit Oceān just released a new bedroom ambient pop track: ‘Stranger.’ Hailing from Brodeaux in France,

Nuit Ocean – Falling Night

NUIT OCEAN - Falling Night

Drifting away slowly on a rickety, handmade raft into the middle of the dark ocean is what you will feel when you shut your eyes and listen to this track from Nuit Ocean. “Falling Night” is the new one from Nuit Ocean and it is mesmerizing yet somehow daunting. It embraces you warmly but maintains a sinister streak throughout.

Nuit Oceān – Together Alone

Nuit Oceān - Together Alone

Nuit Oceān is a Bordeaux-based producer and singer/songwriter with an achingly beautiful voice. “Together Alone” is the second song shared via Soundcloud, following on from “Sometimes” last month. It is a simple but enchanting song combining gentle lyrics with ghostly backing vocals. The accompanying beat is simple and delicate with the unusual addition of a bassy reverberation adding an interesting element to the track. Discover it in this post!