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⚡ Grimes – Art Angels

Two members of the HighClouds team met in order to discuss Grimes‘ new album “Art Angels”, that is out now via 4AD. Here are their thoughts:

Arnaud: Hey Matias, how are you doing?

Matias: I have my mouth full of bio tofu with peanut oil and kale but otherwise, I feel great. Doesn’t it look tasty?

Arnaud: Well, more than you describe it than when I see it flowing along your mouth. But what is important is that is homemade, isn’t it? Like the fourth album of Grimes “Art Angels”, that was released a week ago.

Grimes’ new album is (almost) here!


Grimes is back! Finally… We knew a new album was on the way and that it was expected for this month but we were beginning to lose patience. The Canadian artist, whose real name is Claire Boucher, shared more information about this comeback!