TARANTINA embraces the unknown on captivating noir pop cut “One Eye”

TARANTINA‘s “One Eye” is taken from her Organs EP to be shared on March 29 via Quite Crafty.

In her Camden Town home studio, TARANTINA composes dark pop songs that draw inspiration from DIY aesthetic, fine art processes and pop culture. In a few days, the self-taught singer, producer and videographer will share her upcoming EP which already gave us the singles “Hunter” and “Heal”. She’s now unveiling a brand new song, “One Eye”, that she wrote and co-produced with Tommy Sheen. Opening with a minimalist and gasped drum loop, the song gradually gains in density thanks to its murky layers and Tarantina‘s hypnotic and indomitable vocals. About her captivating noir pop track, she detailed:

‘One Eye’ is about understanding that we may never fully know the whole truth about who we are or where we’re going but at the same time, trying to search for that is very human and something which we can all relate to.

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