Taught Abroad debuts mesmeric feel-good single “Private Love”

After releasing The Foreigner EP at the end of 2018, producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Taught Abroad returns with the latest release from its complimentary EP Native.

If The Foreigner EP served as a “raw and unadulterated view into the human psyche” with a penchant for the darker side, Taught Abroad‘s Native EP aims to be the more lackadaisical companion piece. “Private Love” certainly lives up to that judgment as a track.

There’s indeed an infectiously uplifting energy pervading the song. The sharp and tidy drums below the languorous synths provides that ear wormy, dance in your underwear and punch the air feeling. Aided by the progressive chord structure, the track wouldn’t feel amiss in a coming of age film set in the 2010’s or the 80’s, it has a real retro futuristic sound that’s insanely mesmeric.

Vocally, Chris Sadek boasts an electric and energising falsetto that possesses the ability to be quiet and tender, innocently seductive but has the range to provide bewitchingly powerful moments. At times he sounds close to Prince or Mika, there’s an inherent recognition from somewhere within, an instant, intuitive reaction that the song and his voice produces that’s almost mystical.

Taught Abroad is an artist who is acutely aware of the construction of a feel good pop song and serves up a fun track with meticulous precision. Listen to the premiere of “Private Love” below.

Rachel Chandler

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