TENNIS share “I Miss That Feeling” ahead of the release of their new EP

Indie pop band duo (and couple) TENNIS share “I Miss That Feeling”, the second single off of from their upcoming EP “We Can Die Happy”.

Following up to their LP “Yours Conditionally”, which was released earlier this year, Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley of TENNIS are ready to share their self-written, recorded and produced 5-track EP next month. We already knew the track “No Exit” and now, there’s a second advance single, “I Miss That Feeling”.

About the EP and this new single, the duo TENNIS (and couple in the real life) detailed:

Every album represents something foundational to our lives during the time of its creation. Yours Conditionally was about extricating ourselves from an industry that made us feel joyless and restrained. After a successful campaign that involved starting our own label and learning how to record on our own, We Can Die Happy finds us on the other side of that leap of faith, reveling in the sense of freedom and control we’ve found in our work.

Before adding:

While making the track list for Yours Conditionally, a couple of songs didn’t seem to fit. One song, I Miss That Feeling, had been giving me trouble for months. The concept came to me after I noticed the way that certain physiological aspects of anxiety could be read as feelings of pleasure when presented as a list, without context. We had gone as far as recording and mixing it, but when I listened back, I knew I had gotten it wrong. I scrapped everything except the chorus lyrics which detailed my own experiences with panic attacks and started over. I hoped I Miss That Feeling would be an easy fix and the rest of the EP would take shape around it. Instead each song resolved itself while I Miss That Feeling remained stubbornly incomplete. In the final days of our deadline, feeling the pressure, I had a panic attack. Even in the middle of hyperventilating, I thought spiraling into anxiety over a song about anxiety was oddly fitting. Very me. In the end I settled on a kinder approach. I made the minor chords major; I softened things. I made the song a love letter to my constant companion rather than a denunciation of it.

Tennis new EP “We Can Die Happy” will be released on November 10 via Mutually Detrimental.

They are also touring to support this new release so connect with them via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated!

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