THE BAND CALLED OH share choreographed video for “Next To You”

Hailing from Tromsø, Norway, soul quintet The Band Called Oh just shared a choreographed video for one of their latest single “Next to You”.

“Next To You” is the chapter sixteen from The Band Called Oh‘s new album “Guerrilla Gardening”. The whole album was conceived as a concept including music, lyrics, visuals, and a dedicated live show. “Guerrilla Gardening” was actually commissioned by a Norwegian festival. They decided to go for a complete concept by drawing inspiration from a New York’s 1960s movement in which individuals used the cover of night as an opportunity to make the city more beautiful. It is no surprise that beauty is the main source of inspiration for the album and this new single and video won’t make us lie.

“Next To You”, which sometimes sounds like Gabriel Garzón-Montano, comes with a Malin Christin Longva-directed video where four dancers turn the tension and tenderness of the song into a surprising choreography.

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