The Day share spleen-loaded “Where The Wild Things are” video

The Day‘s new song “Where The Wild Things are” is out on Berlin’s label Sinnbus.

One week after the release of their elegant dream pop single “Where The Wild Things are”, Dutch-german duo THE DAY, comprising Laura Loeters and Gregor Sonnenberg, unveil the accompanying visuals. There’s a good dose of spleen, loneliness and emptiness in the track and the pastel colored video, as well as the different scenes it presents, are definitely emphasizing these feelings.

About the video, director Lumi Lausas detailed:

The music by The Day always brings me in a certain state of nostalgia. Unlike listening to an old playlist, it does not throw me back to any particular period of my life. Instead, it triggers a longing without an object, the sensorial memory of a past mood taken out of context. This relates to an illusion of a future that never materialised, comparable to the colours of a vivid dream fading away with time.

The Day recently supported acts like Oscar and The Wolf, Turnover, Oh Wonder and they’ll release their debut album “Midnight Parade” in January 2019. Meanwhile, watch their new video below.

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