The Golden Age of TV deals with childhood anxiety on pulsating “Beast”

Leeds’ art-rock 5-piece The Golden Age of TV share their first single of 2018 and “Beast” is an amazing indie track where Bea Fletcher stunningly sings about her childhood anxiety.

Pulsating drums, uplifting structure, stunning chorus… This is for sure indie music for the clubs but despite its catchy and irresistible sound, The Golden Age of TV‘s new single “Beast” deals with an important issue. The 5-track art rock band from Leeds is fronted by Bea Fletcher who delivers here her personal tale of childhood anxiety. She detailed:

It’s telling a story from my childhood, during that cross-over period when I had to be more independent. It was little things; facing my fear of the dark or going to the toilet on my own without my mum standing outside the door. The change and stress manifested into dreaming and imagining a monster coming after me. I’d see it everywhere I went. It sounds a bit trippy. But I guess growing up is?

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