The trp announce debut EP “soak”, share “dragons in the moma”

Mysterious alt-R&B act the trp have announced the release of their debut EP “soak” and shared a new single “dragons in the moma”.

We don’t know a lot about the trp and about their upcoming debut EP “soak” that should drop anytime soon. Nevertheless, the progressive and secret R&B group shared another delightful and refreshing single. The metaphorical song “Dragons in the moma” was made in collaboration with Chacha on backing vocals and guitar and describes this strange and uncomfortable feeling one can feel when evolving in an unadapted environment or situation.

The band detailed on Office Magazine where the track was premiered:

Really a dragon shouldn’t be in the MoMA, it should be in a forest or something. But humans are kind of similar, we put ourselves in a lot of unnatural environments and situations we don’t thrive in.

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