There’s no other parties like Thunder Jackson’s “Guilty Party”

The story of up and coming act Thunder Jackson is a bit crazy as the duo was formed after a chance encounter in a taxi cab.

Thunder Jackson is the meeting of an Oklahoma’s singer-songwriter and a British producer. After meeting in a taxi cab in Los Angeles, the freshly born duo started to work in basement studio on the west side of the city. A debut album is on the way but the debut single, “Guilty Party”, is already here. When you start to play the song, you think that Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, aka OMD, are going to perform “Enola Gay”. And the vintage influences can also be found in the video that goes with it. Put your dance shoes on, enter the time machine, and don’t feel guilty while you party like crazy.

About “Guilty Party”, the duo detailed:

Picture this, a bohemian house party, on the outskirts of a desert town and the consumption of hallucinogenics & cheap liquor, at the age where one’s mind is not equipped to deal with such potent elixirs. Picture also, a young woman seen through such warped perspective, weaving her way towards our young hero, across the parties flickering light. Without hesitation and especially thought, words of love and adoration are professed. In the light of morning, and with a ten ton hangover, such meaningless and whimsical words fly around our hero’s head. He could apologize but he alas does not, choosing instead to dance in the mess he has made. A selfish and needless act, he is the guilty party.

For further inquiry, please do not hesitate to leave a message for Thunder Jackson here: 310-486-7882. Hope to hear from you soon, Thunder.

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