Tony Njoku contemplates death in peaceful “Through This Darkness”

“Through This Darkness” is featured on Tony Njoku‘s debut album “H.P.A.C.” out now on Silent Kid Records.

Following up to the release of his debut album which notably features the highlight “As We Danced,” Tony Njoku has chosen to follow up with the mystical track “Through This Darkness.” Presented as contemplation of death before returning to life, the peaceful track, ‘part prayer, part morbid lullaby,’ draws strength in its striking and immersive minimalism.

About the track, the artist stated:

I feel as though on ‘Through This Darkness’ I was trying to come to terms with something, maybe depression, and maybe mortality. I’m trying to accept some kind of fate, whilst at the same time calling for comfort, or perhaps companionship – because whatever that fate may be I don’t want to face it alone.

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