Watch TUVABAND’s melancholic new video “Eventually Silence”

Norwegian-English duo indie folk Tuvaband share the video of “Eventually Silence”, a beautiful single taken from their debut EP.

TUVABAND is the duo comprised of Simon Would (guitar, piano, keys) and Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser (vocal, guitar, songwriter). Following up on the previously released single “Trees”, the duo decided to offer a video treatment to “Eventually Silence”. The beautiful lo-fi indie-folk single talks about the effects following a traumatic situation, an echo of consequences that can sometimes be more difficult to face than the event itself.

About the Marius Mathisrud and Oscar Juul Sørensen-directed video, the duo detailed:

The music video captures the feelings and atmosphere from the song, rather than telling the story of the song. The creators behind the video, Marius Mathisrud and Oscar Juul Sørensen, knew what the song was about, but had the freedom to create their own storyline when trying to express these feelings and the right atmosphere. The video was shot in the Sierra Nevada in Spain, where we had lot’s of fun, sweated loads, and slept in the open air.

Tuvaband‘s new single “Eventually Silence” is taken from their debut ‘Mess EP’ which is out now via Brilliance Records

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