Watch TWINKIDS’ colourful video for emotional blackout single “I’m Sorry”

TWINKIDS‘ new single “I’m Sorry” is out now on San Francisco-based label OM Records.

TWINKIDS is a Los Angeles-based queer pop duo comprising Gene Fukui and Matt Young. The two of them met while studying at Oberlin College and at the Conservatory of Music. In 2017, they compiled their songs about youth and queerness into their debut “Boys Love” EP and caught our attention at the same time. Recently, TWINDIDS unveiled an emotional new single, “I’m Sorry”, which was muscially inspired by one their idols Kazumasa Oda. About the meaning of the track, the duo stated:

I’m Sorry” is about an emotional blackout, leaning into those feelings that the world is against you, totally wrecking everything and hurting someone close to you because of your own hurt. You can’t think straight, your emotions are jumbled and you’re totally defenseless against that pendulum between “highest highs” and “murderous lows”… The whole song’s kind of an apology for what you did during that out-of-body experience, when you became someone you’re not.

TWINKIDS‘ “I’m Sorry” just got a visual treatment which was directed by long-time collaborator Dakota Light-Smith and Ines Alpha. Watch it below.

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