Unge Ferrari has his head cracked open in his striking “Hjerteløs” video

Norwegian rapper Unge Ferrari shares Axel Lavin-directed visuals for “Hjerteløs” and you’re gonna lose (half of your) head while watching it.

The name Unge Ferrari probably doesn’t mean anything to you yet but the artist is a real star in Norway where his debut EP “Til Mine Venner” met critical acclaim in 2015. Last year, he released a new album, “Romeo Må Dø”, which features the 80s-infused and startlingly dancing track “Hjerteløs”. The song, which was produced by Filip Kollsete of Loveless, is supposed to deal with the egocentric side of humans in love. Today, Unge Ferrari shared a half-animated video and the final rendition is quite amazing.

About the video, Ferrari explained:

I wanted to channel my inner dark side and really let my ego talk on a production that feels authentic and old

Director Axel Lavin added:

We wanted to create a mysterious universe where Unge Ferrari`s dark thoughts battles his shiny, casanova facade

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