Virgin Teeth – Sleep Tight

Virgin Teeth Hello Scorpio EP

The last track of Virgin Teeth, “Sleep Tight”, opens up with a filtered loop of drums, that will go crescendo until reaching the pre-apocalyptic rock climax that describes the musical project. You don’t want to miss this epic guitar solo, don’t you? “Sleep Tight” is featured on the debut “HELLO SCORPIO EP” that is available now!

Virgin Teeth‘s “Sleep Tight” is not a happy song but you might find some pleasure in this tormented and epic track!

Virgin Teeth is the project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Eagle Oliver. Nevertheless, in the live setting, it becomes a “vicious trio that brings to life its dark twisted art-psych-soul”.

As you might guess it, “Sleep Tight” is not a happy song, but you will find some pleasure in this angry and epic sound. This rough and raw atmosphere might come from their recording studio: a terrible place in San Francisco where their neighbors were heroin dealers”. Thus, it is not really difficult to understand where this authenticity comes from. It’s like if you were personally involved in this relationship that deals with obsession and paranoia.

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“Lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of the end, of their being a point at which all things cease […] I guess if there’s a theme to our music its a lyrical one that explores how close we are to that end and how much of it is our own fault.” Kevin Eagle Oliver

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