Vittoria Fleet will hynotize you with the chimeric violence of “Entangled”

Berlin’s duo Vittoria Fleet share indie-electronica tune “Entangled” which is also the title track of their new EP.

Vittoria Fleet almost got us with the single story of their new EP. Indeed, as they fairly detail it, how many of us know someone wasting a talent because of the frenzied lifestyles of big cities. How would you feel if this person was your loved one? With their “Entangled” EP, Berlin-based duo Vittoria Fleet don’t bring any answers to this question, they just share 4 honest and intense tracks where you can feel the struggle, pain, sadness and a certain form of violence.

The duo comprised of singer Giada Zerbo and producer Allan Shotter particularly impresses on the organic electronica of the title track ‘Entangled’. It is almost a masochist experience as pain has never sounded that authentic and beautiful.

Vittoria Fleet‘s “Entangled EP” is now digitally out via 2DIY4.

The “Entangled EP” will also be available on vinyl on December 8.

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