Producers and queer activists Warrego Valles share abstract “save as” video

“Save as” is the title track from Warrego Valles‘ new EP.

Hailing from Ljubljana in Slovenia, Warrego Valles is an electronic project leaded by producers, djs and queer activists Nina Hudej and NinaBelle. The duo is also known for their niche electronic music events where they provide safe spaces and criticize the consequences of misogyny, cis domination and heteronormativity. Recently, they have just released a brand new EP, Save As, which keeps on pushing the boundaries of club music thanks to its deconstructed soundscapes and social commentary.

The title track “Save As” is one of the highlights of the 9-track project. It’s a nervous and glitchy electronic track with a multi-layered and unruly rhythmic section. The syncopated track also comes with an abstract video animation full of geometrical and colorful shapes. About the concept of the video, Warrego Valles detailed:

The video for ‘save as’ represents a never ending layering of information, displayed in an abstract, but nonetheless, physical form, that’s constantly reshaping, reproducing and diminishing. The thought behind this formation is, if we’d be capable of perceiving history in all of its ‘save as’ end roads and not only by the final notion we are served, maybe we’d have a better chance of not forgetting and understanding the world. In this sense the idea is connected also to the process of music making, as a never ending process of saving as, where this function is of much more importance than just ‘save’.

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