Watch BNNY RBBT’s new video: ‘will u want me?’

It looks like some persons found a new BNNY RBBT‘s music video: ‘will u want me?’.

The mystery keeps going on as some anonymous persons apparently found a new BNNY RBBT‘s video. If you don’t know this artist, the legend says that he is actually an unidentified creature who was making music in the 90s. His songs and videos keep on being regularly discovered and gathered all together by a fan club, headed by a guy named Boudreaux. This story is simply amazing and BNNY RBBT‘s music is like him: magical and mysterious. Of course, the aesthetics of the video is respecting the VHS style of the 90s. Watch BNNY RBBT‘s ‘will u want me?’ below and download the track for free there.

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