Watch Speedy Ortiz pay tribute to David Lynch in their new video “My Dead Girl”

Massachussite 4-piece indie rock band Speedy Ortiz just gave the video treatment to “My Dead Girl”, a track celebrating the women independence and taken from their third album “Foil Deer”, the second to be released via Carpark Records.

The video takes place in the universe of David Lynch‘s filmography. The guitarist Sadie Dupuis interprets different emblematic roles that were written by the iconic director. We notably recognized the singers from “Mulholland Drive” and from “Blue Velvet”. You will also see a lot of muppets in the Elle Schneider– directed clip. As Schneider explains, “Lynch’s masterful style, while often blanketly described as surreal, comes from a more idealistic viewpoint of willfully, almost forcefully, naive wonder about the world that isn’t often explored when his work is referenced or homaged.” (source: Vanity Fair)

Here are some explanations of the song by Sadie Dupuis: “So the song sort of turned from an ode to independence into a mourning of the depressing footnote that comes along with female independence, which is that we always have to be on guard against assault and harassment and violence, always. And that’s a direct result of rape culture. You can go from feeling like the most powerful person in the world to feeling terrified just because someone is walking too close to you. And I guess that’s what the song is about—the simultaneous freedom to be whatever you want, to do whatever you want, coupled with the unfortunate reality that there’s always someone trying to take that power away from you.” (source: Noisey)

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