We found another BNNY RBBT’s video: ‘Waterfalls Down’

Our BNNY RBBT‘s number one fan, Boudreaux, contacted us recently to tell us that a new video and track of this mysterious artist was discovered. ‘Waterfalls Down’ apparently dates from 1994 and it was published via scotch‘s youtube channel.

As we keep on repeating it, we don’t know a lot about BNNY RBBT, this mysterious large hairy rabbit man. He was active in the 90s and some lucky people found his tapes and uploaded them on the internet. BNNY RBBT‘s new track is another wonderful piece of happy and geeky pop and it is once again downloadable for free. It comes with a Japanese animation video that you can watch below.

Keep it up with the mysterious BNNY RBBT via Soundcloud, YouTube and Twitter.

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