Westkust’s “Cotton Skies” video is a summery call for passion and adventure

Westkust‘s self-titled sophomore album is out on Luxury, Run For Cover and Through Love Records.

Westkust, the Swedish indie pop and shoegaze band that share two members with Makthaverskan, recently unveiled their sophomore album. Taken from the record, the epic and fuzzy “Cotton Skies” is a celebration of unconditional love and escapism, as Julia Bjernelind is singing “Come and look outside, ’cause we have cotton skies, And there’s no place ’round here for me, I’ll love you ’til I die.” The track is the kind of anthemic song that makes you want to take your lover by the hand and run away; and this is what actually happens in the Joel Villegas Saldaña-directed visuals. A combination of images of wild landscapes and lovers on the run, the “Cotton Skies” video is a summery call for adventure and passion. Watch below.

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