Y.A.S depicts a harsh reality on playful “Big Dreams Die Hard”

Y.A.S‘s self-released new song “Big Dreams Die Hard” is out now.

After having collaborated for the likes of TroyBoi and DEVI, Scottish-born London-based artist Y.A.S has built her own name with a series of ethereal dance pop singles. Her new offering, the very Ariana Grande-esque “Big Dreams Die Hard”, is what we call an instant earworm with its straightforward melody and its video games-like arrangements. But behind her syrupy vocals and playful soundscapes, the artist depicts a vibrant contrast by telling a dark and painful truth about the roughness of the music industry. Speaking on the motivation behind the song, Y.A.S detailed:

‘Big dreams die hard’ is about reaching a crossroads on the road to my dreams. Do I give up? Or one more shot? It deals with the painful questions I ask myself almost every day on this journey. Am I just not good enough? Is it not on the cards for me? This song mourns the innocence and beauty of the dream, after the reality of the industry, the criticism, the pressure, the self doubt, the rejection, the comparison, and the time running out has chipped and chipped away at it.

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