A$AP Mob – Yamborghini High (ft. Juicy J)

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First of all, rest in peace to A$AP Yams. As a street savvy businessman and influential figure in hip-hop, Yams founded the exceedingly popular and successful A$AP Mob. The A$AP Mob’s video for their new single “Yamborghini High” is a success on all fronts. Containing stars like A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and also multiple other members making a name for themselves, the Mob has stormed the New Yok hip-hop scene by force.

In the new music video for “Yamborghini High,” the Mob pays homage to Yams by doing what they do best: flaunting their success, style, and material possessions. What sets this video apart from those with similar themes, however, is its nature as a tribute and its stunning visual effects.

The video for “Yamborghini High” displays the Mob gathered in front of a mansion lounging on their Lamborghinis and rapping with conviction about their wealth and status while dressed in vividly colored bathrobes. The video then cuts back and forth between shots of the individual rappers spitting their rhymes while standing on brightly colored platforms in the woodlands and on various bodies of water. Also included: the Mob “mobbing” in several other locations, a young child making crazy eyes, and a unicorn.

The Shomi Patwary-directed video ends with the mansion backdrop falling and turning out to simply be a large wooden board that disguises the fact that the whole gang was just going ham in the forest all along. How it all begins, however, is more significant. The opening scene of the video is A$AP Yams mother watching this very music video on her television screen. How’s that for a tribute?

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The best things about the way this video is handled lie in the editing. There is a great deal of multicolored effects, such as purple fields, pink trees, and flashing skies. One of the main stand-out effects of the video is the heavy, pixelated distortion of the visuals. It is reminiscent of Kanye West’s “Welcome To Heartbreak” video and, because it is used well, adds a great deal of psychedelic, acid trip-like madness to the video.

The A$AP Mob’s Shomi Patwary-directed video for “Yamborghini High” is a homage to LSD Yams!

With a creative approach, electrifying visuals, and a genuine purpose, the “Yamborghini High” video continues to build the Mob’s reputation for creative visual artistry. May Yams rest in peace, and may the Mob continue to steal the show and represent their founder to the fullest.

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