20 tracks to vibe out to this week on JINCE’s [Git Out] Playlist

It’s finally April, which means good weather is shortly upon us and I’ll finally be able to return to my throne, aka stoop. Luckily, the weather this weekend had gotten me out of the apartment and basking in that vitamin D (and of course, putting this whole music thang together)

JINCE scours through hundreds of SoundCloud tracks every week to find the best new gems by artists that are flying under the radar.

In this week’s playlist/mixtape/drakealbum has a definitive upbeat vibe to it that’ll help you git up and git out there. Before we get into the playlist, Jince will introduce you to five dope, fresh and breaking artists.

LuvAbstract – Body Right

This track feels like biking down an empty road at 3am in the middle of the summer feels like. I only found LuvAbstract recently, but man am I in love with this hazy electro-synth snow globe of sound. They’ve been releasing a steady stream of tracks that seem to be building up to something—I have no idea what it is, but I’m itching for more.

Ariana and the Rose – How Does That Make You Feel

From the enchanting tempo to the robotic vocal distortion, “How Does That Make You Feel” makes you feel really fucking great. This one’s actually the intro track to Ariana and the Rose‘s new EP, “Retrograde“, which has a few other great tracks – all of which you ought to hear. You’ll definitely want to check out some of her other tracks too – her electro-pop experiments are fiiiiiiire.


The inner music hipster in me comes out to play anytime I find a fresh artist that has a low follower count on soundcloud. No, it’s not because LVR isn’t good, it’s just that a huge number of people have yet to be #blessed with the sounds of this singer from the UK.  “Giving Up” is slow-paced track that pulls you along gently, but floods you in a forest of 80’s power-ballad influence. He’s only got a couple tracks to his (user)name but I’m def gonna keep an eye on this one.

Jack Vallier – Rebekah

“Rebekah” has been out for a month now, but you still need to listen to it. It’s one of those tracks that you hear in the background then you’re like “oh shit this is kinda dope” and then you shazam the track and then listen to it on repeat. Jack Vallier seems to have come out of nowhere a month ago with this song and this song only. Until i get some more tracks from Jack, I’ll have to savor the lush guitar, bellowing vocals and spacey samples on “Rebekah.”

James Droll – Off Beat

James Droll seems to float on this catchy, serene, airy track. This song came out a few weeks ago (Matias’ awesome premiere does the track more justice) but man, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Hopefully writing about it can help me move on, #singletear. In any case, let the sultry jazz vibes overcome you while James whispers sweet nothings into your ears.

Another week of fresh tracks by breaking artists around the world — brought to you by JINCE. Check the full playlist below!

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