Abbie Ozard returns with another deep-diving sad pop banger “On a Low”

Abbie Ozard‘s new single, “On a Low”, is out now on ModernSky UK.

Ruminating over past relationships is hardly new ground for Manchester-based artist Abbie Ozard, yet she makes a tired subject matter sound fresh and original with her latest single “On a Low”.

In her previous song “Heartbreak Radio“, we heard Ozard focus her attention on the tendency we have to replay memories of our ex in our minds post-breakup, in a kind of self-indulgent pity party. Yet this was glossed over with an upbeat melody and a gave off a deceptively optimistic air.

“On a Low” takes the opposite approach in the way that it’s more ponderous and dwelling in tone. The poptastic, toe-tapping beats have been swapped out for a languidly unfolding mixture of lazy guitars and shimmering drums. This more lo-fi feel and stripped back sensibilities offer a tender exploration of those post-breakup moments where you can’t help but wonder about your ex and their current life.

The song encapsulates the curiosity that hits you no matter how long it’s been since you’ve separated. Lines such as “I’m happy now, I’m with someone better/ Are you happy now, are you staying there forever?” perfectly envelops this sentiment, the feeling of your thoughts unknowingly and unwittingly returning to an ex-partner.

In her own words, Abbie Ozard summarised the track and its meaning by saying:

I think it’s easy to let your mind wander, especially when you’re not around people for a second. ‘On a Low’ is about that subconscious wonderment of an ex.

Rachel Chandler

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