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HighClouds Best Songs 2023

HighClouds: Best Songs of 2023

Here are the Best Songs of 2023 according to HighClouds. It took us a long time, and today is probably

Bats Going For Oysters

Bats asks the right questions on “Going For Oysters”

Bats releases “Going For Oysters,” a new single full of killer lyrics, mouth-watering steel guitar, and hype for their forthcoming

Jensen Sportag - Beige - a new anthology - cascine

Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s Jensen Sportag, with the glimmery “Beige”

The iconic duo Jensen Sportag returns from a decade away with A New Anthology, and a groovy new single, “Beige,”

Tipa Tipo Grifo video

Tipa Tipo on gas station ginger ale, Ursula Le Guin, and their song “Grifo”

Tipa Tipo sat down with HighClouds to answer all of our burning questions about their fatalistic and fun new single,

dua lipa houdini review

Dua Lipa taps Kevin Parker and Danny L Harle for comeback single “Houdini”

Dua Lipa‘s new song, “Houdini,” is out now via Warner UK. Ever since her debut singles, Dua Lipa has consistently

Pearly Drops take me down nourished by time remix EP

Nourished by Time adds croon and grit to Pearly Drops’ “Take Me Down”

“Take Me Down (Nourished by Time Version)” is taken from Pearly Drops‘ upcoming remix EP, Haunted Expansion Pack, set for

Murmur Genuine Leather - Song For Ferns & Stones video

Follow Murmur in the Norwegian nature in “Song For Ferns & Stones” video

“Song For Ferns & Stones” is taken from Murmur‘s debut album Genuine Leather, which is out now. Oslo-based artist and