Arima Ederra shares candid and trippy new song “Free Again”

“Free Again” is the first song taken from Arima Ederra‘s upcoming self-released “new project”.

Back in 2016, Atlanta’s singer-songwriter Arima Ederra charmed us with her amazing “Temporary Fixes” EP and ended up on our annual ’15 artists to watch’ list of this year. Since then, the artist has been quite discrete even if you can hear her voice on Noname‘s excellent debut album “Room 25“, released some weeks ago. For her first track in almost two years, Arima Ederra and producer Jon Bap are stimulating our imagination, bringing back to life the imaginary creatures that were living under our bed during our childhood. “Free Again” is a luminous and candid song that does not lose an ounce of Ederra‘s softly trippy psychedelic touch. About “Free Again”, she detailed:

‘Free Again’ is an ode to imagination, growing up and harnessing the childlike energy we all carry with us. It felt like an imaginary friend shaking up adult me, reminding me what freedom feels like. Or to at least reinvent what it means to me now. This friend also helped me realize how easy it is to fall into the other(mostly self)-imposed trap of what and who I’m supposed to be. It sounds complicated but the best advice is usually quite simple: ‘oh friend, come be free again.’

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