aYia share oppressive visuals for “Sparkle”

aYia‘s single “Sparkle” is out on Bedroom Community.

Icelandic experimental pop trio aYia have finally shared the visuals for their intense track “Sparkle“, in which they turn routine into icy and majestic soundscapes. About the Geoff McAuliffe-directed video, they explained:

When subjects are confined to a lockdown of monotony, their routine turns toxic. When sound is recorded and played back in the same environment some information will always be lost. Meanwhile the ambient noise and resounding frequencies of the surroundings become stronger. When this is repeated again and again the original meaning of the recording will be lost as the surrounding resonance – which could hardly be noticed at first – consumes it. Similarly the human actions performed in a monotonous routine eventually lose their original meaning. The loop becomes self-destructive. The subjects begin to find meaning in the noise seeping through the cracks. This is where we enter.

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