Baseball Gregg collaborate with Pecas and William Corduroy for “The Movies”

Baseball Gregg‘s “The Movies” is the fourth episode of their monthly project Calendar.

Consisting of Luca Lovisetto and Samuel Regan, Baseball Gregg is a transcontinental indie pop duo from Stockton by way of Italy. In 2019, they are releasing a song every month as part of their project Calendar. For the April episode, the duo connected with Brooklyn-via-Madrid singer-songwriter Pecas (who already released “T-Shirt“, one of our favorite tracks of 2019) and guitarist William Corduroy.

According to the press release, the song was written by Samuel as a present for Luca and was inspired by an evening at the theater La Lumière in Italy; an evening that actually marked the beginning of their bromance and musical collaboration.

This pleasant nostalgia definitely emanates from “The Movies”, a dreamy song that deals with meeting someone who turns to have a decisive importance in your life. “When we first met out in the streets, That’s when my life first felt complete,” beautifully sings Pecas with her silky voice. In the last part, the guitar play of William Corduroy is also a real delight. It’s a smoothly groovy track to celebrate THE day you met your lover or best friend. Listen below.

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