Atlanta’s one-woman band BATHE shares shoegaze-y new song “Tarot Cards”

BATHE‘s new single, “Tarot Cards”, is out now on Records DK.

Based out of Atlanta, Bathe is the dream-pop solo project of multi-instrumentalist and VYB bassist Bailey Crone. Following up on “The Silence“, a floating and intimate track about loneliness and anxiety, Crone has just unveiled her second offering of 2019. In “Tarot Cards”, the one-woman band furthers her oneirism and languidness, punctuating the whole track with cathartic electric guitars drawing on shoegaze. Bathe aims to create songs you can “lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling to,” as she likes to explain. You can definitely do that while contemplating your own life but beware of not losing yourself in her hazy reverb.

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