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Bathe Tarot Cards

Atlanta’s one-woman band BATHE shares shoegaze-y new song “Tarot Cards”

BATHE‘s new single, “Tarot Cards”, is out now on Records DK. Based out of Atlanta, Bathe is the dream-pop solo

HighClouds mixtape Pastel Bouquet


It’s February 21, time for a soothing new mixtape. Be ready for some chillwave, indie pop and electropop chill bops.

Bathe Sure Shot video Kimmi

Bathe explore the most sensitive sides of masculinity with “Kimmi”

Bathe‘s self-released new song “Kimmi” is out now. Following up on their impressive debut single “Sure Shot“, Bathe are back

Bathe Sure Shot video Kimmi

Surf R&b duo Bathe share disarming “Sure Shot” video

Bathe‘s self-released debut track “Sure Shot” is out now. Hailing from Brooklyn, Bathe is the surf R&B project headed by