Beauty Queen shares debut EP and sun-soaked video for its title track

Beauty Queen‘s debut EP Out Of Touch is out today on Sleep Well Records.

Maui-born, LA-based singer-songwriter Katie Iannitello has totally bewitched us with her music outlet Beauty Queen and you probably have noticed it. But let’s be honest, it was nearly impossible to resist her left-field pop banger “Goner“, the super-catchy hooks of “The Only One” and the hazy daydream that was her last single “Sold You Out“. Today, Beauty Queen finally unveils her Henry Nowhere-produced EP, Out Of Touch, alongside a video for its title track.

For her first visuals ever, Iannitello seems to promote a leisure resort. Beach, relaxing bath, roller and tennis… We all have tons of memories about our summer holidays and the video definitely fits the nostalgic aura of her dream pop new track. And between all these activities that she executes with nonchalance, Beauty Queen has even some spare time to hit us with her femme fatale gaze. Watch below.

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