Big Thief share new single “Cattails”

Big Thief‘s new album U.F.O.F. is out May 3 on 4AD.

A few weeks ago, Big Thief announced the release of their third album with “UFOF,” a song that we called ‘a poetic and impressionistic piece of pop music’. Today, the American band is back with a brand new single, “Cattails,” which definitely highlights their folk roots. About the track, Big Thief‘s Adrianne Lenker detailed:

‘Cattails’ came about while we were at the studio in Washington in the pine forest. Writing it was just one of those electric multicolored waves of connectivity just sweeping through my body. I stayed up late finishing the song and the next morning was stomping around playing it over and over again. We thought why not just record it, so James sat at the drums and we practiced and by the time we’d finished practicing, Dom Monks — our engineer — had already sneakily set up mics and recorded it. It was beautiful that he’d captured it right away because when James and I were playing it felt like a little portal in the fabric had opened and we were just flying. Listening back to it makes me cry sometimes.

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