Blue Hawaii share hypnotic UK Garage-inspired new single “All the Things”

“All the Things” is taken from Blue Hawaii‘s upcoming fourth album, Open Reduction Internal Fixation, due out October 11 on Arbutus Records.

In case you did not know it, Blue Hawaii, the Montreal-via-Berlin duo consisting of Agor and Ra (Raphaelle “Ra” Standell-Preston from Braids + Alex “Agor” Kerby), are going to release a brand new album in the coming weeks. Born out of unfortunate circumstance (after that the duo had to cancel their Southeast Asia & Japan tour last year because of Agor‘s heel injury), the 8-track project was recently introduced by the club-oriented, deep house-friendly single “All That Blue“. The pair have now unveiled a new single, the hypnotic opening track “All the Things”, which draws inspiration from UK garage. “‘All The Things’ turns over the thought of someone, time and time again,” explain the group, “and in the darker moments of missing them, finding it ultimately a reflection into yourself.” Watch the self-made visuals below.

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