Montreal duo Born At Midnite share basement party gem “Hawt Heart”

Born At Midnite‘s debut 7”, “Born At Midnite (Everytime)” and “Hawt Heart,” is out via Arbutus.

Montreal new duo Born At Midnite, comprising Amery Sandford and David Carriere, have just unveiled the second part of their debut 7″. After the stellar “Born At Midnite (Everytime),” they’re back with another slice of leftfield and lo-fi pop: “Hawt Heart.” Like with the previous offering, there’s something irresistibly dance-y here (basement party style), even if the track is actually about a “crap situation”. In their own words:

Anytime we get together to make a song, we try and start with a very simple theme or idea and then work back from it to make it a little more abstract. The lyrics came together for this one shortly after we had gotten home from a hardcore show in Montreal that blew our minds. We blasted the instrumental of ‘Hawt Heart’ that we had recorded during our pre-game earlier that night. We decided that the track should be about being at a weird party, or in a generally crap situation, but it’s in the end you have a lot of fun because of the friends that you’re with.

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