Montreal based-duo Born At Midnite make their stellar debut on Arbutus

Born At Midnite‘s self-titled debut track is out now on Arbutus.

Hailing from Montreal, Born At Midnite is a brand new duo comprising TOPS‘ producer, songwriter, and guitarist David Carriere and BBQT‘s songstress Amery Sandford. Formed in late 2018, the pair have just unveiled their unpinnable and exhilarating debut single, “Born At Midnite (Every Time).” We won’t even try to label that one but here’s a hint taken from the band’s bio, if it helps you in any way: “Playing into whilst poking fun at our era’s omnipresent narcissism and self-indulgence, the group stitch together an unsponsored sort of ‘product-placement-punk’.”

There’s also a couple of tracks available on their Soundcloud and a 7″ vinyl on the way, that you can already pre-order.

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