Boy Harsher explore duality in retro-inspired “Come Closer” video

Boy Harsher‘s new album Careful is out on Nude Club.

Following up on the incredible videos of “Fate” and “LA“, Massachusetts darkwave duo Boy Harsher just shared visuals for “Come Closer”, another track taken from their amazing latest album Careful. Directed by Muted Widows (a collaboration between the Widow Brothers and Nedda Afsari), the clip draws from retro aesthetic and BDSM eroticism. About the visuals, the directors detailed:

This is the first time we all (Michael R. Zumaya, Michael E Linn, and Nedda Afsari) collaborated on a project from start to finish, and Boy Harsher couldn’t be a more perfect fit for us as our new collective Muted Widows. For Come Closer, we explored duality. There are things within us that feel so familiar and, conversely, so different. At the end, both are integral parts of yourself. Our amazing crew and exceptional talent really came together to create something we’re extremely proud of. Furthermore, we’re extremely flattered to create the visuals for a stellar track.

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