Brand New Sound #2: Louie Dufflebags, Arian Cook, Sebastian Roca, Roshima…

BRAND NEW SOUND: Two bros looking for good shit!

Oscar and Louis are our new daily diggers and every Monday, visit HighClouds to find out their discoveries of the week! There is something for every – good – taste here!

1. Tom Day & Monsoonsiren – “Dirge For The Living”

Nathan Menon is from India. He has his own universe that soothes and transports. A voice that flies away and progressive arrangements as simple as possible. Relaxing, inspiring, it feels good. A collaboration on a lot of tracks with another artist named Tom Day.

Take off.

2. Roshima – “Nightbirds”

Diamond from Belgium, young Yussef Merzoug (21 years) is a hardworker. Roshima shares as soon as he can his personal vision of music, leading crowds in his melodies with strong beats. His soundcloud is full, so enjoy yourself.


3. Freddie Sol – “mylene (demo)”

No info about Freddie Sol, nothing. And I searched… It’s cool, it slides alone, so I share.


4. Arian Cook – “Though” (ft. Spire)

He describes himself as a producer based in Perth (Australia). Ninja and young homo sapiens. In any case, Arian Cook makes greasy sound, he cooks the electro with butter and a zest of olive oil because there’s never enough. Lower cholesterol then you can abuse it this time.


5. Mish – “Ur gorgeous”

Mitch Graunke, originally from Melbourne released his first album in October 2017. Before that, Mitchy Mish spent his time producing tracks for other talented Australian artists. You feel that Mish has a strong background in influences and techniques.

The beat makes you shake at the first note.

6. Sebastian Roca – “YOU”

Sebastian Roca mixes influences to create beautiful little jewels. Located in Sydney, he recently wanted to dedicate his life to music and try to share his vision. Already a dozen tracks to sink your teeth into. The hair blowing in the wind and a loud voice, Sebastian proposes a trip.

Bossa Roca.

7. Louie Duffelbags – “Fuckin For a Reason”

An other subscriber to the court of miracles. Loulou comes from Atlanta and make good fucking stuff. Not much to say about it. Precise and effective. Louie Duffelbags also got another musical project with his old pal Boothlord.

It’s called Danger Incorporated.

We hope you dig this selection of Brand New Sound. If like us, you can’t wait until Monday for discovering their daily find, please follow Oscar and Louis over Facebook and listen to Brand New Sound on Spotify and Deezer too!

Brand New Sound

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