BRIGT debuts with warm and vintage-friendly single “Untitled”

BRIGT‘s debut track “Untitled” is out now.

Hailing from Oslo, 20-year-old newcomer Brigt writes, records and produces all his music himself with a simple leitmotiv: staying away as much as possible from a computer. Young yet nostalgic, the artist draws influence from old movies, musicals but also from The Beatles, and you can definitely hear this vintage touch in his music. His debut track, “Untitled,” sounds indeed like a hidden treasure that would have been played from a cracking soul vinyl, lost in an attic. His smooth, lo-fi and organic approach recalls some other Scandinavian acts to mind (Miljon, Konradsen, Bella Boo), and we definetely want to hear more from both this up and coming talent and idiosyncratic new scene.

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