Cale Hawkins wants to love without any expectations in “Origami”

Cale Hawkins‘s new song “Origami” is out now on Litonika Records.

What happens when we can’t hold the shapes we’re cast in? This is the question that Brooklyn’s singer-songwriter and producer Cale Hawkins is asking himself on his new song “Origami.” Drawing a poetic parallel with the famous art of paper folding, his lush art pop offering addresses something that most of us have tried: reassuring yourself by folding new love into shapes of unrealistic perfection. Of course, there is a gap between an idealized idyll and the reality and you will need to accept at some point that your loved one is an individual and not a series of criteria coming from your brain.

Often encapsulated in “expectations vs reality” memes, this tension is described here with a lot of delicacy. Cale Hawkins‘s undulating chamber pop arrangements confront synthetic layers and run through different phases that are somehow reminescent of the adjustments of any relationship. With their subtle interplay of light and shade, the lyrics also refers to resilience and fulfilment while dealing with the vulnerability and the ephemeral nature of a paper crane or a fragile beach. If you want to build something big and uplift your love story, don’t forget that folded paper will most of the time remain flat.

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