Cassandra Jenkins adresses mental health with Eartheater’s cover

Watch Cassandra Jenkins cover Eartheater‘s “Faith Consuming Hope”.

Cassandra Jenkins, who has released An Overview on Phenomenal Nature, one of our favourite albums of 2021, recently covered Eartheater’s “Faith Consuming Hope” for an episode of Sounds Of Saving and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline‘s “Song that Found Me At The Right Time” project.

“I was struck by the beauty of the song,” she detailed. “I, of course, was just completely in love with the string arrangements. And when I dove deeper into looking at the lyrics, they were talking about some things that I’ve been thinking about deeply through the past probably two years and hit me harder than I kind of expected. The opening line of this song, it’s something that we’ve probably all heard before, which is that the only way out of this is through. It is the main lyric, which is something you might see on like a motivational poster or something, but re-contextualize into this deeper look at what faith and hope are. We think of these words attached to religion a lot of the time. And I think this isn’t specifically talking about religious faith, religious hope. This is talking about a much broader hope and faith.”

“Faith Consuming Hope” is taken from Eartheater‘s excellent 2020 album Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin.