Claire George shares celestial new song “Lonely Or Alone”

Claire George‘s debut EP Bodies Of Water is out November 16 on Cascine.

A few days after her shimmering single “Orbits“, singer-songwriter and producer Claire George unveils the second and final single from her upcoming solo EP. On the celestial synths of the closing track “Lonely Or Alone”, she explores the stifling feelings of loneliness and isolation. About the track, Claire George detailed:

As a child, I remember walking by the home of a shut-in on my way to school every day. I would think about how sad it must feel to be alone all the time. However, I later learned of his troubled past, and of the way he was demonized by his community and family. This made me realize that perhaps he wasn’t sad at all, but that maybe in isolation he finally felt free. I wrote this song at a time when I felt a certain kinship with this man, living in solitude, and experiencing a sense of freedom from the judgment of others for the first time.

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