Couch Prints announce debut album, share new single “True Religion”

“True Religion” is taken from Couch Prints‘ new album, Waterfall: Rebirth, out September 15 via Music Website.

Back in September, Couch Prints unveiled Waterfall, a pivotal mixtape that marked a sound shift for the trio-turned-duo. Jayanna Roberts and Brandon Tong are now pursuing their metamorphosis with Waterfall: Rebirth, their debut album which they recently introduced with the single “True Religion”. Boasting voice memo samples, subway screeches, and fuzzed guitars, the 90s-inspired track depicts the crazy paths of individuals rushing through the Big Apple at full speed. “We’re crawling through it, the end is near but it’s not today”, sings Roberts. For some reasons, it reminds me of “Ray Of Light”, with their singular dreamy edge, and I’m so excited to see what’s coming next from the Brooklyn duo.