⚡ With “Unearth”, CRATER deliver a synth-pop ride about global politics

Seattle-based electronic duo CRATER share “Unearth”, the excellent title track of their upcoming album.

With “Unearth”, Ceci Gomez and Kess Gordon follow up to the previously released single “Novocaine” and deliver a well-crafted synth-pop tune that can be approached from several perspectives. Besides the pure beauty of its hypnotic sounds and its smart composition, Crater’s “Unearth” is also a deep and necessary reflection about global politics. The voices of Gomez and Gordon are marvellously overlapping each other and are raised to address the political state of the world and of America in particular. As the track speeds up, one can feel the emergency of “future politics”, as would sing another synth-pop artist: Austra.

About “Unearth”, they detailed to The Fader:

Written last year, ‘Unearth’ echoes the current tone of American and global politics,[…] Backed by a constant slithering arp, Ceci sings slowly but urgently, almost defeated but firm in her message: If we do nothing and remain passive, if we continue in the ways we have been, rest assured everything we know will soon turn to waste.

In between sadness, awareness, beauty, and activism, CRATER share “Unearth”, a digital-pop tune with the purpose of making the world a more reactive and better place.

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