Bring your dildos on the dancefloor with CupcakKe’s “Duck Duck Goose” video

Chicago rapper CupcakKe has shared a -NSFW of course- video for “Duck Duck Goose”, one of the bangers of her excellent new album “Ephorize”.

CupcakKe just shared a video for “Duck Duck Goose” that is equal to the lyrics of the track itself. It’s playful, unabashed, sleazy and explicitly graphic. Oh yes, it’s also highly NSFW but I guess you already got this. “Duck Duck Goose” is one of the bangers taken from her latest album “Ephorize” that we have just labelled as Thunderclap: Best New Album! This is the second video taken from her album, following up to “Cartoons”. Watch CupakKe‘s new video “Duck Duck Goose” below and bring your dildos on the dancefloor!

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