David Sanya & EhCee – Poison

This future R&B sound is really infiltrating music lately, but over here at HighClouds, we’re not complaining that much. Here is another gem to introduce you: David Sanya & EhCee’s “Poison”!

Anguish-filled R&B is a fine thing to have in your playlists every once in a while. Today, HighClouds is happy to present a track with some The Weekend-esque vibes (circa The Trilogy material, none of that newer stuff mind you) we stumbled upon, by the name of “Poison”.

“Poison” by David Sanya and EhCee is a track driven by emotion and lyrical substance.

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Born in Nigeria, David Sanya is now a Toronto-based producer who takes influence from hip-hop, soul, and future bass. Conversely, EhCee (aka Aatesh Chandra) is a future/alternative artist. Together, this duo has created a fresh-sounding R&B track to capture the ears of those looking for more tracks that are more lyric-based above all else.

On “Poison”, the artists said,

“Poison is the last single of the EP titled ‘Liquid Love’ which takes you through the cycles of love starting with its conception leading all the way to its unfortunate end. Poison itself represents the pain and change in love. The lyrics written by EhCee, came from a real place where he’s essentially dealing with heartbreak and betrayal. This eventually leads him to using alcohol as a coping mechanism thus becoming his liquid poison”

While the melodic nature of “Poison” is driven forwards by the lyrics, the sparse production accompanies EhCee’s vocals like a dark brooding shadow, with low synths, a snare beat, and a vibrating bass. Together, the production and lyrics compliment each other intensely and with a driving purpose.

By checking out “Poison”, you’ll definitely want to see the other tracks included in the “Liquid Love” EP, which are all conveniently up on SoundCloud . The songwriting quality of other tracks in the EP are equally as thoughtful and engaging to listen to.

And of course, do not hesitate to check out the work of of David Sanya on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter and likewise with EhCee on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

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