dead ceremony – Magic

Expect the unexpected while listening to the music of Dead Ceremony. Due to the upcoming release of their “Tell Me Lies” EP in a few days and with the launch of their newest track “Magic” we just needed to dive a bit deeper into the world of this 4-man band out of Kent.

When we put their latest songs next to each other we sense an evolution that find its most intimate culmination in their latest track “Magic”. With their previous tracks “Seventeen” and “Tell Me Lies”, their sound went from more fractured, almost damaged sampled synth jamson top of every time a solid and steady alt-pop song, going deep by telling a real story. But now you’ll notice that with every track this modus operandi becomes more controlled and tamed into a coherent electronic and soulful sound, preferably listened to at dusk. As singer Christopher confesses, their track “Magic” is their attempt to create a sincere ballad, starting off carefully and timidly hiding your feelings, only to burst open into a splinter bomb of glittering emotions, lighting up so hard, you have to look away.

“Tell Me Lies” will be out on April 14th on Fonthill Records.

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