DEER DU BOIS playlist #209: Hoodlem, Lyves, Farao, BALAKO, Kwamie Liv…

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, we share the much-awaited and surprising playlist of our Brussels‘ friend, tastemaker and collaborator: sir Deer Du Bois.

Writing music is the highest expression of life. That’s why we follow new and upcoming artist like US youngster Gabe Gill on his urban but intimate spiked “Carousel EP”. Listen to opener “Soft Hit” and get into his vibe. The Swedish Brynäs brothers are on a winning streak with there newest single “Information.” Soulful and piercing as freshly melted ice. It perfectly echoes Omar Apollo‘s vibes on “Ignorin” or the floating vocals of Kwamie Liv on “Sweet Like Brandy.”

Power pop star Femme Royale is an emerging star that breaks every sound barrier with her debut single “How Bad.”

Get sweaty with Brasilian duo BALAKO who fuse together their love for old skool disco and tropical grooves on popping new track “Jungle Music!”

Discover Mama Kokomo, an experimental and dreamy trio concocting noisy waves of soothing sounds on “Primavera Feel.” Debuting out of the volcanic frost comes Icelandic duo Omotrack and their avant-poppy electro tune “Hippo Trip.”

Lastly, Farao is back with the dense “The Ghost Ship,” a tune about “losing your sense of direction” while Hoodlem charms us with the deep sounds of “Last Night.”

If you want to drink a bit more until you get tipsy, you should check him on Facebook and Soundcloud, and follow his regular posts on our site.

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  1. Kim

    May 30, 2018 at 10:50 pm

    Wow, Ajimal is fantastic and captivating! Thanks for sharing.

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