DEER DU BOIS #208: New Chance, Chad Valley, Tupal, jesse saint john…

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, we share the much-awaited and surprising playlist of our Brussels‘ friend, tastemaker and collaborator: sir Deer Du Bois.

Canadian dreamy and ambient pop star New Chance comes into our life with “Chasing the Sunset.” Another Canadian gem: Ralph teams up with rap-boy Tobi and brings us more than an urban ballad on “Girl Next Door.”

Swedish duo Kassia Klein delivers poetic chill pop topped by some breezy guitars on “Kokomo.”

London producer and singer Couros really breaks through on “Undertone:” a pulsating and emotionally charged power track from his “Jupiter EP.”

This week with Deer Du Bois, we cross borders but we will always stay human. With music in our hearts!

Only a few months after her killer debut song, UK vocalist Paige Bea is back with the impressing “Your Echo.” A track that will reflect in your mind for days.

Lastly, indie-synth hero Chad Valley is back with his soothing voice and glowing beats on ABC from his latest album “Imaginary Music.”

If you want to drink a bit more until you get tipsy, you should check him on Facebook and Soundcloud, and follow his regular posts on our site.

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